Composite Sleeper

Composite Sleeper

brand: model: describe:Composite Sleeper  ØExcellent nail holding performance ØMachinability ØAnti-corrosion performance  ØMechanical performance ØOdorle...




ØExcellent nail holding performance ØMachinability ØAnti-corrosion performance  ØMechanical performance ØOdorless ØFire-retardant and insulation  ØShock resistant  ØWear-resistant  ØEasy to clean ØAdjustable density ØLong service life


  FFU sleeper is the most advanced and stable high-speed railway sleeper at present.FFU composite sleeper overcomes the
problems of poor energy absorption of concrete sleeper, easy fracture,
inconvenient construction and high maintenance cost. It also shields the
shortcomings of wood sleeper, such as poor weather resistance, bad corrosion resistance,
no waterproof, no fire prevention, etc. It is the best substitute for wooden
sleeper and concrete sleeper.

ØApplication filed:

  1)Steel bridge along the railway

  2)Cross road

  3)Heavy trunk line

  4)Overseas market

Ø Raw materials:  

Resin(polyester and polyurethane), fiber glass;

  Advantages of FFU Sleeper


    1. Light weight, density equal to wood, only 1 / 3 of concrete;  2. High pull-out strength of screw spike;  3. High fatigue strength; 4. Good weather resistance    5. Vibration and noise reduction  6. It can reduce the noise by 2-3dB  7. The construction is simple and convenient, and it can be processed the same as wood  8. It is convenient to maintain, and can be repaired quickly on site after the brick hole or damage

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