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[China Securities Journal] CIMC vigorously promotes the intelligent transformation of logistics system

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In the coastal ports with busy freight, on the highway with fast traffic flow, and in the construction sites with roaring machines, containers, transport vehicles and cement mixers with the "CIMC" logo can be seen everywhere. After 38 years, CIMC has become a business card of "made in China". In the face of the epidemic situation, CIMC, on the one hand, embraces the new infrastructure, deepens the domestic market, and helps the construction of intelligent logistics; on the other hand, it supports the national anti epidemic with its advantageous business as the starting point. Wu Sanqiang, director of the Board Secretary Office of CIMC, said that the company will actively expand its domestic business and vigorously promote the intelligent transformation of its manufacturing and logistics systems.

Deeply cultivate the domestic market

CIMC Group actively returned to work and production, achieving 100% return to work rate at the end of the first quarter. "In the past three years, we have continuously increased the proportion of domestic business, from about 42% in 2017 to 53% in 2019." Wu Sanqiang said that the company's cement mixer market share has been the first in China for three years, benefiting from the development of infrastructure, it is expected to perform well this year. In recent three years, the average growth rate of China's refrigerated vehicle market is about 30%. It is estimated that the demand will reach 55000-60000 in 2020, and the refrigerated transport vehicle is expected to become one of the new growth poles of the company's performance. In order to cooperate with the development of road transport vehicle business and the upgrading of manufacturing technology, CIMC recently announced that CIMC intends to return to a shares and be listed on the gem.

"The logic behind the development of new infrastructure is to improve the automation level of the industrial system. CIMC's thinking of promoting the intelligent development of logistics and transportation system is in line with it. " Wu Sanqiang said that in the near future, CIMC plans to integrate a number of high-quality enterprises under CIMC and establish CIMC vehicle company, which integrates vehicle production, operation and leasing, multimodal transport services and intelligent upgrading services. It has a business scale of about 4 billion yuan and will aim at the 100 billion yuan market of small and medium-sized unitary logistics vehicles.

Take advantage of business as the fulcrum

In addition to the rapid development of business, during the epidemic period, CIMC "spared no effort" to support the fight against the epidemic by taking advantage of business as the starting point.

At about 23:00 on February 25, at the most critical time of the epidemic in Hubei Province, CIMC Taili participated in the construction of the first set of mobile CT medical shelter, which was transported from CIMC Taili factory to Huanggang, Hubei Province, and put into the front line of epidemic prevention and control. After the project was determined, CIMC Taili immediately set up a research team with two shifts of production line for 24-hour continuous production. "The staff understood that this was a rescue project to fight the epidemic, and they were all full of enthusiasm. Under normal circumstances, it takes 20 days to complete the order, but more than 100 employees work overtime and only six days to complete it. " Said Zhao Youshan, general manager of CIMC Taili.

CIMC has also undertaken a number of epidemic prevention and anti epidemic medical projects. At the end of February, the second phase project of Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, which was contracted by CIMC, was completed. In mid April, the construction of Hong Kong eight townships modular emergency epidemic prevention observation center was completed.

Promoting high quality growth

Looking forward to 2020, CICC CEO and President Mai Boliang said: "CIMC group is fully prepared to go through the crisis."

In 2020, CIMC will continue to focus on the logistics and energy industries, focus on expanding a number of core industries and key customers based on intelligent manufacturing, and promote the group's high-quality growth. "At the strategic level, the first is to strengthen management and control to deal with the impact of the epidemic on enterprise operation. The group has adopted more stringent management measures for foreign investment expenses and cash outflow; the second is to further expand domestic business; the third is to promote the intelligent transformation of manufacturing and logistics systems." Wu Sanqiang said that with the gradual alleviation of the global epidemic situation, CIMC's greatly affected container business will be gradually repaired. (reporter Huang Lingling)